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Radical Critique is an open-access site of radical inquiry, digital media platform, hypertext catalog, and publisher of International Journal of Radical Critique.

An evolving symposia on life and current affairs, Radical Critique is a truth forum for the theory, critique and research of 'idealism without illusions.'

The site is a radically centrist resource for anti-partisan scholars and journalists interested in the discursive conventions of social groups and the fundamental remaking of institutions.

Radical Critique is published under the auspices of Imperative Papers.

The site is the purveyor of the new Library of Radical Electronic Resources, an evolving hypertext catalog and digital-library. The library makes a special effort to catalog independent, obscure, controversial, or otherwise marginalized re(sources). 

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International Journal of Radical Critique
is a peer-reviewed academic journal of radical inquiry edited by an international board of scholars and published occasionally by Radical Critique.

IJRC is archived by the United States Library of Congress and considers manuscripts of merit from all authors working in English. The journal accepts pre-prints, print-to-web texts, unpublished writing and research.