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IJRC reviews papers written in English by authors worldwide. The journal seeks papers of critical inquiry that extend a radical and challenging prospective. Papers can elaborate on and engage with any number of topics. The journal is especially open to unconventional and/or provocative papers, styles, and approaches, and actively seeks work that challenges the dominant orthodoxy. IJRC is open to papers of most lengths, but prefers those between 1500-10000 words.

Discourse & Review
IJRC welcomes reviews of books, films, authors, and journals, as well as interviews with individuals whose work relates directly to the focus and scope of IJRC and its related themes and subjects.

IJRC is always seeking dynamic translations of its own content, as well as translations of writing whose subjects or topics are contiguous with that of IJRC. Those interested in preparing a translation for IJRC or for another publication should contact the Editor with a proposal.

Lectures & Presentations
IJRC occasionally publishes lectures and presentations which have been skillfully converted into text.

Library of Radical Electronic Resources
Read about submissions to LRER.

Submission Protocol & Style Guide
Articles must be in final draft form upon submission. Authors should expect IJRC Editors to make minor revisions prior to publication and should understand that revisions will not be made after the text is published.

All articles must be single spaced with no paragraph indentations and a single space between paragraphs. Use only one space after periods. Italicize book and film titles and render essay titles inside quotation marks. All notes and references must be placed at the end of the article and not in the text. Articles should include a short biographical note.

If your article is accepted for publication we will contact you. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Editorial Advisory Board then please note that, as well as your expertise in your submission and IJRC may contact you.

By submitting your work to International Journal of Radical Critique your are certifying that you've read, understand and agree with our author guidelines, our privacy, legal and copyright statements, as well as our terms and conditions contained therein. Submissions that do not conform to above guidelines may be discarded without notice. Title the subject line of your email appropriately and send all material to the Editors at: bookwormx [at] riseup [dot] net

All material published in the International Journal of Radical Critique and through its associated mediums is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). If maternal is republished then "International Journal of Radical Critique" must be credited as the original publisher.