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We seek papers of critical inquiry that extend a radical and challenging prospective. Papers can elaborate on and engage with any number of topics. The journal is especially open to unconventional and/or provocative papers, styles and approaches. We welcome essays and reviews, news items and translations.

Submission Protocol & Style Guide
Articles must be in final draft form upon submission. Authors should expect Radical Critique to make minor revisions prior to publication and should understand that revisions may not always be made after the text is published.

All articles must be single spaced with no paragraph indentations and a single space between paragraphs. Use only one space after periods. Italicize book and film titles and render essay titles inside quotation marks. All notes and references must be numbered and placed at the end of the article. The article should also contain the relevant in-line text number reference. Submissions should also follow the basic guidelines below:

  • Do not justify text. Use ragged right.
  • Use only one space after period, comma, colon, semicolon.
  • Always spell “percent,” never use % sign.
  • Commas and periods always go inside quotation marks, as in “Go,” he said.
  • No periods when US is used as a modifier, as in US Army.
  • Do not use a passive voice unless absolutely necessary.
  • Ordinals are 12th, 13th, etc. Do not use superscript for the “th.”
  • Never start a sentence with a numeral.
  • Always spell out the months of the year; no abbreviations.
  • Do not use a long word when a short one will do.
  • Make every word carry freight; no padding.
If your article is accepted for publication we will contact you. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Editorial Advisory Board then please note that, describe your area of expertise and providing hyperlinks to your existing work.

By submitting your work to Radical Critique or any of it's subsidiary brands you're certifying that you've read, understand and agree with our author guidelines, our privacy, legal and copyright statements, as well as our terms and conditions contained therein. Submissions that do not conform to above guidelines may be discarded without notice.

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