Int'J of Radical Critique

2012 Inaugural Edition E-Cover
by Vanessa K. Wilken
International Journal of Radical Critique is an peer-reviewed Open-Access journal of radical inquiry edited by international intellectuals and published occasionally by Radical Critique. The journal is archived by the U.S. Library of Congress (ISSN 2327-3666). The journal publishes speculative interventions of analytic rigor that appraise historical and contemporary social issues. The goal of the journal is to give scholars and readers the opportunity to confront modern social issues in a context that puts aside disciplinary boundaries. 

The journal will be particularly useful to students and scholars who are deeply engaged with the most challenging and defining problems and questions of our time, and to those who seek to do work that is practically and theoretically relevant to these projects.

IJRC Archive 
Vol 02 - No 01 (2013) 
Vol 01 - No 02 (2013) 
Vol 01 - No 01 (2012 / Inaugural)

The journal considers manuscripts of merit from all authors working in English. We accept preprints and unpublished writing and research. On occasion we accept previously published writing. Because of the nature of the journal we only accept proposals and submissions electronically. 

Authors interested in contributing to IJRC should first review our About and Privacy and Copyright sections and then familiarize themselves with the Author Guidelines and Call for Papers sections.

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