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October 10, 2018

Wannabe Victim Anna Ayers Sends Anti-LGBT Threats to Herself

Radical Critique via The National Review / The Post Athens News 

Desperate to climb the intersectional victim hierarchy and signal her superior virtue over others, a student senator and journalism major at Ohio University sent "hateful, harassing" homophobic death threats to herself. After the first supposed threat an emotional Anna Ayers, 21, claimed she was “angry, frustrated and disappointed” then went on to rebuke the supposed writer of the note directly in speech before the senate, saying she hoped that person was in the room, calling them "weak, cowardly and worthless."
"You may find me revolting and worthy of a threat on my life, but in reality, it is your beliefs that are repulsive... You need to get this through your head, you fucking asshole: I am proud to be who I am, and nothing you could say or do will ever change that." 
—Anna Ayers, on receiving anti-gay threats she sent to herself

Image Credit: Blake Nissen 
On Monday October 8th Ayers was arrested by OUPD for sending the threats to herself and was charged with making three false reports to police. Potentially motivated by hashtag movements like #metoo and #believeher, Ayers is just one of many people who've attempted to gain notoriety by pretending to be victim of malicious discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual assault.

Her arrest comes just two days after conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as the newest US Supreme Court Justice following a myriad of unsubstantiated claims that he sexually assaulted accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Those who opposed Kavanaugh's appointment and confirmation have been vocal in arguing that due process of law should be replaced with a guilty until proven innocent process, especially when it comes to female accusers and supposed male perpetrators.   
"I have no interest in hearing from any of you that you are sorry that this happened, or that you can’t believe it happened at all”... “Instead, I want each of you to do everything you can make sure it doesn’t happen again."
—Anna Ayers, on believing accusers by default

If the Anna Ayers situation alerts us to anything, it's that there are factions in this country who are motivated to commit hate crime against the truth. They seek to create a reality they detest and then suffer publicly. They seek to smear others and make false accusations. Ayres is one of many entitled wannabe victims who seek a pity/hero platform in the social victim hierarchy, who seek to metal in the so-called "oppression olympics."
“I could have quit senate Friday after the first note,” she said. “I mean, nobody would have said I didn’t have the right to do that. But it never crossed my mind.”
—Anna Ayers, on being strong after fake anti-gay threats 
“Senate will never be the same for me,”... The friendships will continue to grow, and our successes will always evoke pride, but the memory of my time in senate and at OU will be marred by this experience. We will all have a memory of a time when this body failed one of its own.”
—Anna Ayers, on being victimized (for pretend) 

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