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July 18, 2018

TSA Officer James Bartosik Violates Civil Rights of YouTuber (Video)

Radical Critique via Freedom Falcon / News / Video

*Part of a series on government transparency and constitutional auditing

CHICAGO, IL - An amateur video-journalist at Chicago O'hare international Airport was harassed, assaulted and robbed by a criminal TSA Agent on July 16, 2018. The video, shot on the secure-side of a TSA checkpoint by a young youtuber called Freedom Falcon shows several minutes of peaceful interactions with staff and the public until TSA Officer James Bartosik arrives and approaches the videographer. Filming at or near TSA checkpoints is a civil right and is explicitly allowed according to official guidelines.

As TSA Officer Bartosik approaches he begins to question the journalist in a passive-aggressive manner, twitching and blinking rapidly. Twenty seconds into the interaction Bartosik directs a subordinate to "call the police" in response to the already-screened journalist's assertion of 5th amendment principals. In response to being questioned the young youtuber gives limited strait-forward answers as Officer Bartosik becomes increasingly agitated and unreasonable, at one point asking a dozen or more questions in rapid succession. The video exemplifies the practice of law enforcement retaliating against citizens for engaging in peaceful constitutionally protected activity.

At 13:27 in the video, less than thirty seconds into contact, Officer James Bartosik directs a subordinate to "call the police." The videographer then asks "Am I breaking the law?" and Bartosik responds "I asked you a question, you didn't answer me."

At 17:09 the rapid blinking Bartosik complains that the youtuber won't waive his 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights on command and states that recording their conversation is a crime.

At 19:17 in the video the videographer widens the frame of the video to include himself, ostensibly moving his cell phone further away from Bartosik. Bartosik then lunges toward the phone and stands pressed against the videographer, eventually robbing him of his property as police arrive, who then bizarrely threaten the young man with arrest.

The video is presented here and includes a detailed timecode.

4:00 - Videographer has conversation with polite French woman.
8:42 - TSA Officer #1 makes first after screening contact with videographer.
9:04 - TSA Officer #1 calls for back-up due to filming.
9:15 - TSA Officer #2 makes contact to question videographer.
9:49 - TSA Officer #2 is evasive when asked his name, but does identify.
13:10 - Initial contact with TSA Officer James Bartosik.
13:27 - Bartosik directs someone to "call the police. The videographer then asks "Am I breaking the law?" and Bartosik responds "I asked you a question, you didn't answer me."
13:42 - Officer Bartosik threatens videographer with police, but calls the potential contact "a cordial conversation."
14:49 - Officer Bartosik asks "are you struggling covering with me?" and then asks several follow up questions.
16:26 - Videographer asks Officer Bartosik "I am being detained?" and Bartosik responds by asking "Am I detaining you?"
16:54 - Videographer explains detainment to Bartosik then Bartosik replies "I'm not detaining you."
17:09 - Bartosik complains that the videographer won't waive his 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment Constitutional rights on command, mis represents the law several times.
18:15 - Bartoski says recording is a crime.
19:05 - Bartosik asks "Are we running out of video yet?"
19:17 - Videographer widens the frame of the video to include himself.
19:19 - Bartosik blocks camera
19:30 - Bartosik stands up and presses himself against the videographer
19:33 - Bartosik makes false allegation against videographer
19:49 - Bartosik assaults and commits robbery against videographer
20:08 - Bartosik admits committing robbery to videographer
20:20 - Bartosik admits committing robbery to police
21:16 - Chicago Police threaten videographer under color of law
22:38 - Videographer talks to camera as he walks away

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