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Joseph Osel is a critical theorist, poet and journalist. Osel is the Editor of Radical Critique and the founding Literary Editor of The Commonline JournalHe studied Society, Politics, Behavior & Change at The Evergreen State College and Existential-Phenomenology at Seattle University.

Forthcoming books include: Catastrophe-In-Miniature: Poetry in Fatal TenseSavannas and Revolutionary-Antiracism.

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Archived Entries
Joseph Osel's work in Radical Critique
Toward Détournement of The New Jim Crow / Int'J of Radical Critique 1:2 (2012)
Michelle Alexander's Operational Whitewash / Int'J of Radical Critique 1:1 (2012)
The Executioners' Professionalism: A Case of Legal Murder / Radical Critique, (11/2010)
Religiosity Versus Homosexuality In America / LRER via American Humanist Association (2007)