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October 1, 2010

Joseph Osel — Archived Entries

Joseph Osel is an critical theorist, poet and journalist. Osel is the Editor of Radical Critique and the founding Literary Editor of The Commonline JournalHe studied Society, Politics, Behavior & Change at The Evergreen State College and Existential-Phenomenology at Seattle University.

Forthcoming books include: 
Catastrophe-In-Miniature: Poetry in Fatal Tense

See Imperative Papers for an advanced bibliography-prospectus.

Archived Entries
Joseph Osel's work in Radical Critique
Toward Détournement of The New Jim Crow / Int'J of Radical Critique 1:2 (2012)
Michelle Alexander's Operational Whitewash / Int'J of Radical Critique 1:1 (2012)
The Executioners' Professionalism: A Case of Legal Murder / Radical Critique, (11/2010)
Religiosity Versus Homosexuality In America / LRER via American Humanist Association (2007)