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February 11, 2019

NYT NPC Editor Bari Weiss Short-Circuits When Questioned About Claims by Joe Rogan

New York Times' Editor Bari Weiss' appearance on a recent Joe Rogan podcast that has spawned a neologism further describing the current state of journalism and NPC culture: "sumgnorant" - a combination of smug and ignorant/arrogant.

The moment in question occurred when Weiss and Rogan were discussing who could beat President Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. During the exchange Weiss attempted to criticize congress woman Tulsi Gabbard, not realizing that Rogan and Gabbard are friendly aquaintences.

In the interview Weiss calls Gabbard an "Assad Toady" and says she has "the motherload of bad ideas." Rogan repondes by asking "what's a toady?", but Weiss doesn't know, even though she just said it. Rogan then asks for some examples of Gabbard's "bad ideas", but Weiss can't give any examples.  JRE producers then put up this article from The Guardian as Weiss searches her smartphone for examples of why she hates Gabbard. Finally Weiss finds something about Gabbard previously working for a company that promoted conversation-therapy. "Yeah, FYI" Weiss says smugly before holstering her smartphone like a weapon.

Twitter accounts using fictional personas and a common avatar
to promote the idea that liberals can't think on their own.
Tellingly the moment was nicely summarized by Weiss herself during the interview, but as a point of criticism projected against others. According to Bari Weiss:

"When you're just a keyboard warrior and just tossing this stuff out, so much of it is about signaling to your tribe that you know that this thing is bad, and I really don't think people are understanding the implications of this and I don't think it's a stretch to imagine something like this happening...and someone actually getting killed."

In review of Weiss' appearance, comedian Paul R. Gilmartin called Weiss appearance on the show "smugnorant" during an episode of The Jimmy Dore Show.